Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, last night was Joba's first start.

It went as well as I thought it would. Call me a heretic Yankee fan, but I have always thought that the make-Joba-a-starter was a bad move.

Last year, Joba was in the low minors, if I remember right. Now, they're trying to make him the starter which saves the franchise. Isn't that a bit much?

I'm just an armchair sports fan, so I'm just pontificating here with nothing to back it up.. (but, isn't that what most sports writers do anyways?)

Anyways, I think we're robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. We take a highly effective arm out of the bullpen, and put him in the starter's group to save the starters. Well, isn't the bullpen now lacking? Of course it is. Mariano is great, but after that, what's left?
Wouldn't we do better trying to groom Joba to take over for Mariano?

Perhaps though, maybe Joba is pushing to become a starter. I really haven't seen any articles talking about what Joba wants. Maybe what he wants doesn't really matter.

Last year, I remember Joba doing some relief work where he threw 30-40 pitches. Towards the end of that, he looked absolutely gassed. Maybe you approach being a starter differently than being a reliever. But, with him hitting triple digits as a starter, I can't believe that doesn't affect you somehow. Rather than just blowing the ball by everyone, you are supposed to use deceit and be crafty and such, throwing some change-ups and such.

Oh well, I wish him and the team well. I really do. I'd love to have people say, "Remember when you said it was a bad idea, and now he's a 350 win, multi Cy Young award winner?" We'll see how it all goes on his next start.

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