Monday, June 16, 2008

This past weekend

This past weekend, I did no physical activity at all. Weather was a bit dicey (t-storms and such) on Saturday. On Sunday, I woke up dizzy and never felt right after that. Figured it wasn't a good time to go play in traffic.

Game 5 was last night. We were close, but alas. Of course, I was hoping to win the first 2 games (which we did), and steal one in LA (which we also did). So, I shouldn't get too greedy. We head back to Boston for game 6 on Tuesday, and game 7 (if necessary) on Thursday. Hopefully it gets wrapped up Tuesday. Game 7s, while fun, are intense. I'd like to close it out while we have the advantage.

Game 5 also saw the end of our big jar of cheese balls. Long live the cheese balls.

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