Friday, June 6, 2008

Game 1

Last night was game 1 of the NBA finals. I've been a Celtics fan my entire life. I remember laying on the floor, watching TV in the living room with my dad, and watching the Celtics play in the old Boston Garden. It's been 21 years since they've been to the finals (22 since they've won it). I was fricken EXCITED.

I donned my Bird jersey, threw on my Celtics hat, and watched. It was a very good game. I was stunned when Paul Pierce went down. I was psyched when he jumped back onto the court and was back in the game. That guy can play. Always has been able to. I bet his body hurts like hell this morning, though. Strained knee.. He took a hand to the face/eye. Big ol' scratch on his chest. Not to mention the normal pushing and shoving and bumping and bruising which goes on in a game (especially a finals game).

And, for those that don't know, we won! Woot! 1 down, 3 to go. Beat L.A.!

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