Monday, June 9, 2008

Sporting thoughts from the weekend

Where to start, where to start...

I guess I'll start with the Celtics. 2-0, baby! We did our best to give the game away.. Hopefully we won't do garbage minutes in the 4th quarter any more.. finish all 48 minutes at full intensity, don't give the Lakers any breathing room. But, we did win. I'll take it. Apart from the disaster in the second half of the fourth quarter, I thought the guys played superbly.
Now, if we can go to L.A. and steal one, we'll be in great shape.

Regarding an earlier post about Joba, apparently Cashman did ask Joba what he wanted to do- if he wanted to be a starter or a relief man. Joba chose the former. If I were Cashman, I'd not present the choice. Leave 2 solid arms in the bullpen, and figure out a different solution for the starters. But, they didn't ask me. I wouldn't have traded Ted Lilly a few years back, either. But, yet again, they didn't catch me at home when they called soliciting advice.

The Belmont was run, no triple crown, yet again. 30 years now. Don't know what to say. The horse I was pulling for in the Kentucky Derby, Denis of Cork, put forth a decent showing again.

On the local front, I went for a run on Sunday morning. It was 10:00, and the weather was at 78 degrees, with a guesstimate humidity of 80%. It was disgusting. I ran a little over 4 miles, but mixed in some walk breaks in there. The humidity and heat just sucked the energy out of me. I even ran with my iPod for a little extra boost, but it didn't help. Maybe I should have tried some different tunes. (I was listening to Rush's "Rush in Rio" album.)

That's about it for now!

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