Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My life as a bat hunter

I could discuss the hot evening last night. I mowed the lawn at 88 degrees & came back in dripping wet. I then decided I hadn't had enough punishment and went out for two and a half miles running at a more comfortable 82 degrees (also coming back soaked). But, that's really not too interesting.

What's more interesting is that I went to bed early last night, as these late NBA games are taking a bit out of me (another game tonight, for those interested :-) ). As I was lying in bed, the phone rings. It's never a good thing when the phone rings at 11 at night. Turns out, my mother in law had a bat in her house. My father in law is away. So, I went over (along with her father) to see what could be done.

I was armed with a broom, a box, and a flashlight, and went on the hunt. We hunted high and low for over an hour and couldn't find the silly thing. Sigh. Eventually, my sister in law let their cat loose, and he finally started going a bit nuts at one spot in the house. Grandpa made it to the area first and spied the bat, so it was my duty to remove the cat from the vicinity. After a brief struggle, I removed the cat, Grandpa removed the bat, and we all went home.

Only minor disappointment here, as my new career as a bat hunter wasn't fully tested. It was certainly a 'win', getting the bat out of the house. But, I didn't do a lot in the removal. It's more of an 'assist' as opposed to a 'score'.

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