Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

So, I'm running 45 minutes behind today.. I hate that. That just means I'll be late to pretty much everything today. Oh well.

I love shopping online. I ordered something Monday night from newegg, I just received notification that it will be delivered this afternoon. I didn't need to go hunting around town for it. Perfect.

So, yesterday I received word that one of my friends here at work is leaving. I'm happy for him, I really am. He was in a department which was basically said that they'd be fired in 9-12 months, but should keep working like dogs in the meantime. He found a job with another local company, so that's good. It's just a bummer that he's leaving. If I ever need a break during the day, I can go see him and chat for a bit. He inserts that bit of randomness into work.. if he comes to your office, you just have no idea what he'll be asking about or talking about next. That's fun.
Best wishes, man.

On a lighter note, I went biking last night. Clocked in a little over 6.25 miles, mixing in some good hills. Cramped up pretty good on the way back home... I suspect my muscles are being taxed in new and exciting ways. Getting better at the toe clip thing, too. (Not perfect, by any means).

While biking, I was riding with traffic. At one point, along a very busy stretch of road, I spied an interesting sight coming at me. There was some kid, probably 14 years old, standing on his bike, coming at me. Hmm. What to do with two bikers coming at each other on the same side of the road. While I was in awe of the kid's balance, and knew that he was a better biker than I'll ever be, and certainly had way more coordination than I could ever fathom, he was being a clown in a bad place. It's bikers like that which give bikers a bad name. Not that I do everything 100% correct, but I'm at least on the correct side of the road.

On the way to work this morning, there was another joker on a bike. A guy, probably 25, all buff and everything biking on the wrong side of the road. He was the type that looked like they were all that and such. Hey, fool, high school is over. Get on the proper side of the road.

OK, that's all. I'm supposed to be paying attention to this conference call I'm on.. :-)

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