Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday Run

Went for a run last night. Wound up doing a little more than 5.6 miles, no walk breaks. Went at a pretty decent clip (for me), too. Didn't wear my Garmin, so I don't have any pace information.

IT band seemed to hold up fine.. I felt a twinge on it at the halfway mark (of course.. why would it happen anywhere near the start/end point?), but maybe I landed on my foot wrong or something which caused it.
Of course, when I felt that twinge, it disrupted my rhythm and I landed on my other foot wrong, the one with the busted (broken?) toe. So, that smarted.

That toe is still tweaking a bit today. It's not black and blue any more, and it hasn't been swollen for a couple of weeks. Perhaps I should have been taping it. Sigh. Maybe I'll tape it every time I run.

All in all, though, a decent medium length run. Only done a few of those runs this year, and this has been the least painful of them, so perhaps I'm turning the corner. My calves seemed to have held up, too. Perhaps I'm getting into last year's fitness shape, finally. I've got a minor sore muscle this morning between my calf & shin, and I suspect that will be better tomorrow. Other than that (and my toe), I feel good.

Provided the weather holds out today, I'll get my exercise tonight by mowing the lawn. Yippee.

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