Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday's Day of Rest

I took Monday off from doing major physical activity. I figured after my 8 miler the day before, I should take it easy. I wanted to go hiking up a hill nearby and travel through the countryside, but I talked myself out of it.
I did go for a walk.. probably a mile to a mile and a half.

On a whim on the way home, I picked up this:

(OK, maybe it wasn't a whim. It was a combination of two things: a curiosity on my part and a bad day at work)

This is a small (375ml) bottle of Patrón Silver tequila. Now, according to the Patrón website, this is a "smooth, soft and light" tequila. I got this as an attempt to better understand tequila and appreciate it more.

Opening up the box was very nice. It was wrapped in tissue paper & sealed very nicely. Each bottle appears to be hand numbered.

My verdict: I don't see the smooth part. The initial taste was smooth.. It's certainly tequila. You can taste that easily. But, it bit me up on the way down.
We (my wife and I) only tried a little doing it 'sipping' style. Still have to try it under other conditions (margaritas, shots, after a long night of drinking, etc).

I'll try it again, just to give it a fair shake. Patrón has a number of other types of tequila, so maybe it's just the Silver variety like this.

Of course, there's other brands too.

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