Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tuesday workout

Went for a run last night with my running buddy.. It was a pretty easy run, mostly flat. We ended with a moderate hill, and hit just over 3 miles.
Wound up doing some situps, too, just for good measure.

Maybe after I finish the 100 pushup challenge, I'll ratchet up the situp count to 100 as well... hrms..

Speaking of the 100 pushup challenge, I'm now linked in as a blogger taking the challenge. Woot!
Pecs are still a bit sore from the initial test I did.. That doesn't bode well, now does it? I'll give it a go tonight with day 1, and see what happens.

I didn't go see the Hulk last night.. The show times didn't match up very well with my work schedule.

Looks like it's supposed to be a nice day today. Should be able to get another run in today...

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