Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Slacking Tuesday

Well, Tuesday has come and gone. I had intentions of going for a run, but.......

I slacked off. Sigh.

What really happened was this... I was talking to a friend at work about what baseball games we would go to locally, and we both decided to go that night. Plus, it was two for Tuesday....

Beautiful night for baseball.. Most any night is a good night for it, though. I've decided on what I want to do when I grow up (read: hit the lotto so I can go do this). I'll be an usher at the local ballpark. That sounds pretty good... show people their seats, point people to the bathrooms, etc. (All while taking in the game).

Everything that is wrong with baseball isn't wrong at the local park, thankfully. The games start at a reasonable time so kids can go. The players walk right up to the kids looking for autographs and sign their baseballs. I saw one kid, probably 6 years old, getting an autograph on a Post-It pad. The player signed that, then gave him a batting practice ball. The kid looked thrilled. There was another kid who seemed a bit 'awkward'.. probably 15 years old or so. He got a few players to sign his baseball, and after every one, he was just beaming. It's just nice to see.

My friend brought his daughter and his nephews to the game.. They were very well behaved. I always worry about watching 3 kids while he's off buying hot dogs or whatever, but they are absolutely no trouble. They're there, just watching the game.

It was also fireworks night after the game:


Andrew said...

My friend brought his daughter and his nephews to the game.. They were very well behaved.

My kids suck at baseball games. We went once and had to leave about halfway through. I watched maybe two innings but they were very interrupted. I had to get the popcorn and the pretzels that the kids kept begging for. And it was hot. Like 90. So, ick.

Haven't been back yet. Maybe if it's just me and one child we could do it. We'll see.

raulgonemobile said...

Maybe when they get just a little bit older it will be easier.. I dunno.