Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well, Tuesday was an alright day.. I had to leave work early, so that wasn't all bad.

I went home, and did my pushups.. Week 2, Day 1 was a success.. I eeked out the minimum. Leaves me a bit worried for what the rest of the week will hold.

I also went for a bike ride.. It was 6.28 miles, if I remember right. Some good hills and such were tackled.

At work, I put Firefox 3 on.. I'm going to play with having different browser profiles. That way, I can keep a browser all set up for blog-type things, a browser for personal things, a browser for work things..

One of my favorite extensions Foxylicious hasn't yet been updated for Firefox 3. That's sad. It's the main reason I haven't fully switched to FF3 yet.

Last night, I also put some primer on the walls & ceiling of our extra bathroom. It's the last time that bathroom is the putrid pinky-peachy color it was. I tolerated it for 7 years, but it is no more. whoo hoo. We have a nice shade of green we're going to throw on the walls (that's the ubiquitous 'we' that will be putting paint on the walls)


Andrew said...

Here's somebody that coded a hack for FF3 and foxylicious...

Andrew said...

Take two.

Here is the FF3/foxylicious hack.

raulgonemobile said...

Yeah, I saw that.. just was hesitant to use a version that someone hacked together.. <shrug> Maybe I'll just pull the trigger and go for it.

Or, hack it myself. <shrug>