Monday, July 21, 2008

Scotch & Beer

Over the weekend, I tried a couple of new beverages.

First off was Macallan 12 year scotch. Of all the scotches I've tried, this was probably my least favorite. It reminded me more of Hennessy VS cognac than anything. Not that it was bad, mind you. It had a very smooth finish.. The initial taste was harsher than I expected. I think I prefer scotches with a stronger smoke essence to them, as well. It's generally rated well, so it may have been an off-day on my part.

The other new beverage I tried was Blue Point's 'Hoptical Illusion'. I was at a pub and saw that you could try a bottle for a mere $3. I gave it a go, and it was an excellent IPA. Very hoppy. The color was darker than I expected, there might have been a caramel taste in there. Very nice, though.


Andrew said...

I let the first one go but if you're going to keep this up, you need to hook up with Gary Vaynerchuck. You could be his beer guy to his crazy wine guy.

raulgonemobile said...

Oh wow.. he's a Jets fan. sweet!

I just added him to my RSS reader..