Friday, July 11, 2008


Almost to the weekend! Woot!

I mowed what little of the lawn needed to be mowed last night. No rain will do that to a lawn, I suppose. I did a little other yard work as well.. nothing too much, though. I found a remainder of some fireworks the neighbors shot off in the lawn.. hrms.

I painted the ceiling of the previously primed bathroom. This bathroom is small. Let me tell you a couple of things about a small bathroom..

- It's wonderful to paint because:

It's small.

- It's awful to paint because:

It's small.

Every time I turn around, I'm running into the step ladder. I put the paint can lid down on the edge of the shower and said "OK, don't step in this. You can step anywhere else in the bathroom, but don't step here."
How hard could that be?

Yeah, well. 10 minutes into the process... step. Nice.

Paint on the foot. That leads to paint everywhere you step. Then you step into the paint footprint. And the cycle continues.

I did day 2 of week 2 of the 100 pushup challenge. I added 3 to the final set, so I wound up at 69 for the day.. whoo hoo. Pipes, here I come!

Last but not least, I went out for a run. My body evidently didn't care for that. Pain, pretty much the whole way. I wound up doing 3.5 miles at about a 9:45 pace.. I made a deal with my body about a tenth of a mile into it, saying that I'd take Friday off. It asked about Saturday, and I said that we'd see.

What's going on Friday, you may ask? (OK, you probably didn't).. I'm going to the Empire State Brewing & Music Festival! Whoo hoo! It's a beer 'tasting' event.. Lots of music and people, and it's a lot of fun. I'll post a pic of it when I get there...

On a sad note, today is the last day for one of my buddies here at work.. He's moving on to bigger and better things. I'll miss him and his spontaneity..

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