Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Beer Reviews

So, I went and moved furniture up at my brother in law's house this weekend.

Afterwards, he was kind enough to provide me some brew..

Started out with this:

Sam Adams Summer Ale..

The seasonal brews of Sam Adams are very good, and are very well suited to the different seasons.

I used to view the Summer Ale as 'fruity'. Any more, though, it's got a hint of lemon and some spice. It works quite well on a warm summer day. (So well, in fact, that a large number of these were consumed later that night, but I get ahead of myself).

The second beer provided was this:

Yes, that would be a Bud Light Lime (BL Lime). Back in my college days, I consumed a lot of BL, I must admit. Over the last few years, though, my tastes have evolved to the microbrews and better mass-brewed beer.
This brew was a surprise. A big one.
I had tried the 'Miller Chill' a couple of weeks ago.. I think that was the first of the mass-produced beer-with-a-lime-already-infused. It honestly just didn't do too much for me. Below average beer, with a hint of saltiness and a lime waved near the brewing tanks. It was alright, but not something I'd go out and buy.

This beer.. You could really taste the lime. I liked that. Bud Light isn't a bad beer, especially for what it is. Works well on a hot summer day (don't most beers, though?). The lime, though. Wow. Totally awesome.

I gave it to my wife for a sip, and she said it just tasted like beer. Pfft. I told her it was my 'expert beer connoisseur-ness' that detected the lime.

So, I was pretty pleased. A new beer this weekend. If you're sitting outside on a hot summer night, it's worth a try, at least. (I'll try anything once. :) )

Later, we all went back to my place and picked up case of the Summer Ale. My brother in law and I put a hurtin' on it. Oh yea.
He didn't care for the Highland Park scotch, though. Oh well.

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Andrew said...

This may end up being a dupe. If so, I'm sorry. Blogger crapped out on me.

Your reaction to BL Lime was much like mine. That's a good beer for my tastes. But recently I've been drinking something even cheaper - Southpaw Light (w00t for the self-link!).