Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally running again

Forgive me.. It has been 9 days since my last run.

(10 days since I broke my elbow)

Yes, I did one run with a broken elbow. Interesting times. To my defense, I hadn't yet been to the doctor to get an official result, so I'm pardoning myself.

Anyways, the ortho doctor said I could run a week after seeing her. Thankfully, I went to an ortho doctor who dealt with sport-related injuries. I never thought I would see someone like that, just because I never thought I'd view myself as a 'sport' kind of guy.

At least she didn't look at me like I was completely nuts when I asked about running after hearing my broken elbow prognosis and outlook. It was only a fleeting .5 seconds of "you freaking wacko". I'll forgive that.

So, Friday was a week, and I was jonesin' to get out there. I'm sure my wife appreciates the fact I can go out now, so I can run off my extra steam.

I did 3.07.. my legs started feeling pretty sapped of energy pretty quick. About .6 miles into the run, as a matter of fact. I got to the midpoint of the hill near home, and decided to do my cool-off a bit early, and just walked it home. No sense hurting myself.

Feel fine today, leg-wise. Looks like it's drizzling out there, but I'll probably head out in an hour or so for another 3.

Keep on rockin'!

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