Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Libations

On a wedding weekend with a couple of open bars, I had a few tasty beverages.

I started with 'some sort of good scotch, neat'. The waitress brought back the request in an appropriate sniffer glass. No idea what brand it was, but it was nice. Not very smoky, though.

I also had a 'Grand Martini', which was a vodka martini with Grand Marnier. Not bad at all. Unsure as to the type of vodka. It was smooth, though.

That was all at the "classy" joint.

The next day, we went to the "not as classy" joint, so finding neat things like that just doesn't happen. However, I was able to make do.

I sampled "Duggan's Dew" scotch, which is a blended scotch. It's similar to Dewar's. Not a bad buy for the money, which would fit in the way this joint would roll. Never had it before, so that was neat.

I also had a number of 7&7s, vodka&7s, etc. Nothing too noteworthy, though.

To throw you off, here's something new:

A Montecristo cigar. I'm not sure what size it is.. I'm guessing a No. 1. I'm not really a cigar smoker, so I don't know too much about them. (The last cigar I had was probably 10-12 years ago).

Anyway, the cigar was smooth. I couldn't really tell you what sort of flavor it had. Tasted like a cigar. Must be how my wife views beer. Hah. One of the best cigars I had in my life, though. (Again, not that I have had many).

On Sunday, I had this:

This is Wolaver's (Otter Creek) "Will Stevens' Pumpkin Ale".

The Wolaver beers are all organic. Kind of an interesting twist on beer. Both the 'Otter Creek' and 'Wolaver' brand are very good. They are typically very drinkable microbrews.

This pumpkin ale was very tasty. There's a medium head on it which disappeared fairly quickly. There was a clean pumpkin flavor. Really, the taste was like pumpkin pie. The beer also had an 'organic' taste to it. Almost like you knew you were getting nothing non-natural from the beverage. It's not an overpowering beer.. so, if you're in the mood for a beer-beer, this probably isn't right. If you want to mix it up, this is where it's at.

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