Thursday, September 18, 2008

Various strains

We'll hit two non-overlapping topics today.

I went running Wednesday in the early afternoon. Again, a lack of traffic makes it wonderful. Talk about strain. My calves were just killing me. I wound up mixing in a mile of walking into the 3.3 miles of running. It was a little over a 4 mile workout, but it was pure agony.

As a result, today is probably a rest day, unless my running buddy calls (seems unlikely). If I'm really itching to get out, maybe I'll try to get back on that horse and ride my bike again. (I haven't ridden since my incident). Still need to take the toe clips off of the damned thing.

So, the other strain. The Andromeda Strain. I watched the original version of it last night. I had watched the new remake a couple of months ago and realized I never saw the original. That quest has finally been completed.

What did I think? There were good and bad points about each.

The new one was long (it was a 4 hour miniseries, I think.). That wasn't cool. They did explain some stuff in more detail (like the pilot's mask getting eaten up). They also had more bizarre stuff, like the individual groups of the strain being able to communicate with each other.

The old one.. well, my biggest gripe was that it took them absolutely forever to get down to level 5. We really didn't need to see a half hour of decontamination processing. And what was the point of the epileptic seizures/space-outs by the lady?

The plots are very similar to each other. I wish I remember the book better, then I could compare that too.

I don't know. I think I like the newer one better. I'm not one for movie remakes, but it wasn't too bad. Either is still a one-watch kind of movie for me, though. Not bad, maybe I'd watch a snippet while channel surfing, but I wouldn't make a point to watch it again.

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