Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mini fartlek

Ran 3.25 miles last night.. Legs were somewhat sore and sluggish still. Midway, I decided to try a little something different to see if I could break them out of their funk.

Rather than going slow, I tried kicking it up a notch and run faster. (I'm no Usain Bolt, mind you.. We're talking about moving from 9:15 to 8:00 miles).

It actually felt better. Weird.

On the way back home, I tried to mix it up, making it a mini fartlek. Legs are still somewhat tired today, but I believe I should be able to go out tonight for another 3.

Not sure if it's the week and a half off from training, my weird running form with a broken elbow, or some unknown ailment, but I'm just struggling. Blah.

This weekend is pretty much shot for running. My running buddy is getting married (whoo-hoo! congrats!), and that will tie up most of the free time I have. It'll be fun, and I'll count it as 'rest' time. One of my previously mentioned guidelines will be followed (or should be.. or better be :) ). No blogging while imbibing.

I do go to the ortho doctor tomorrow morning, so I can see how my elbow is healing. I suspect the pushup challenge is still off limits, given the ease that a painful tweak can still occur.

Next week, I'm supposed to get up and be working at 3:30am all week. Yes, that is 3:30 in the morning. Not looking forward to that at all.

So, I'll update at some point in the future.. In the meantime.. Keep on rockin'!

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