Wednesday, September 3, 2008

War and Peace

Last year, I picked up a copy of 'War and Peace', brand new, for a buck.

That's a lot of pages for a buck.

I've been reading it this year.. slowly. Well, my injury put me in a place where I had nothing else to do but finish it up. So, I did. Finally.

Not my favorite book, but it grows on you after the first 800 pages or so..

It was kind of a weird format at the end. Tolstoy would mix in some of his op/ed on history and leadership when I least expected it. Felt like I should get credit for the lectures.

It's done, and I plan on never reading it again. But, at least I can say I did read it.

I've started reading Stephen King's "From A Buick 8" now. Should be done with it pretty quickly. Seems to be an easy read.

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