Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A run and a break

Did a solo run last night.. a little over 3 miles.. say, 3.25. Nothing too bad. Legs were tired, but I'm not sore today, at least. The weather was really nice last night. It was cool and not raining (it had rained most of the day, off and on pretty hard).

Hoping to go out again tonight. My running buddy may be free as well, so that'd be cool.

Afterward, I finally got around to watching the season premiere of 'Prison Break'. If you haven't watched it, skip the rest of this post.

I've watched this series from the beginning. I absolutely loved Season 1. Season 2, well, it felt like it was lost. It was a "Crap! We don't know what to write about! We'll take 'The Fugitive' and add in a big government conspiracy". Thankfully, it ended.

Season 3 was good. Of course, it was about a prison break again. They didn't have the luxury of the prison schematics as a tattoo any more, though.

This season.. well. I watched the intro episode, and I'm skeptical.

Very skeptical.

We're going to watch the remaining original characters take down this huge rogue government group. OK. Whatever. We added this weird hacker guy, with this amazing hacking device.
Let's explore that, shall we?

Something the size of a cell phone that can dump the contents of any electronic device just by being within 10 feet of it. If used at a gas station, it can pick up all of the credit cards. It can apparently dump MP3 players and TIVOs.


How pray tell is it doing that? Have you tried pairing a Bluetooth headset with a cell phone? There's a couple of steps involved. You don't just wave it nearby. Same with a wireless network. If there's any encryption on it, there's even more steps.

Never mind that my credit card isn't broadcasting anything. I could maybe give them a MP3 player dump, with the Apple line of iPods and such. A Tivo?

OK. Forget these devices used as examples.

The uber-secret government card is just there to be dumped too? You can read it from 10 feet away? There's no encryption on this thing? Why would it be transmitting anything?

Ah, forget it.

Then, there's the tattoo. I'm glad that it's not going to be a plot point anymore, as the times it was used in the second season were a stretch.
But, he just went and got it zapped off by lasers overnight, and he just gritted through the pain? And he's as good as new now?

And everyone got arrested at the same time at different points in the country (and in different countries), but the government found out and brought them all together within hours? Streeeeeetch.

I did love the line about eating some "bad Mexican". My wife wasn't too amused, but that probably was the high point of it.

We'll see how the rest of the season shakes out. My wife has given up, apparently.

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