Monday, September 15, 2008

Morning run

Well, I hadn't run since Thursday.

This weekend, my running buddy got married.. (Congrats!) She's happy, and that's good. He's a good guy, too. I like him.

But, the wedding, the festivities, and the prep/post work consumed the weekend.. alas. No running. We'll chalk that up as 'rest' time.

Work this week starts at 3:30am. That's a wee bit earlier than I'm used to. Just a bit. sigh.

But, I went for a run during 'lunch' at 7am. I don't usually run in the morning, because my body just isn't ready. Each step seems to reverberate and ache and ugh..

However, since I'd been up for 3.5 hours, I was ready to go (apart from being tired).

The nice part about running early in the morning is the lack of traffic. Very very nice.

Last night, the winds from the hurricane came through.. gusts of up to 50 mph. Pretty noisy, trying to sleep. Nothing like the folks that felt the brunt of the hurricane though. If you've been affected by it, I hope you're OK and that things get back to normal as speedily as they can.

Running along, I saw a big downed tree branch that was all entangled in power lines. There were fire trucks and utility company trucks and such all around. The firemen were pretty nice. I made sure to move to the other side of the street, and said "hello".

I also startled one groundhog on the way back. Poor guy.

The tree branch really hadn't moved in the 2.5 miles since I first passed it.

End result was 3.33 miles in a bit over a half hour.

My legs felt pretty good, really. About what I'd expect for having taken 3 days off. The effects that I felt last week of absolute deadness in my legs were gone (for today, at least). I'm hoping it stays that way.

My Garmin Forerunner (model 305) appears to be losing it's speaker. Some searches on the web indicate that moisture gets in the speaker holes and causes corrosion. After a while, the speaker doesn't work. Right now, I get an occasional chirp instead of a tone or beep.

I'm pretty cautious with my Garmin. I don't wear it in the rain. I wipe off the back every time I go running.

Still, it has felt the ill effects of my sweat.

Seems like this should be a solvable problem. I'm not an engineer, but c'mon.

Kind of bumming, I must admit. It's not a cheap toy. At least the GPS and data tracking is still working.

Keep on rockin'! I'm hoping for a solid week of workouts this week!

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