Friday, August 22, 2008

Beer Stein Night

Went and got my beer stein giveaway at the ball game last night. I use the term 'stein' very loosely. It was really a small plastic mug. Sigh.

Nice night for a game.. been really wonderful weather this summer, all things considered. I scored a free ticket, so that was cool.

The game dragged on quite a bit. Took 3:20 to finish the game, and it wound up being 2-0. Lots of long pitch counts, runners on base, etc. Just was very very sluggish.

.....Good thing I started out the night with:

Cooperstown Brewing's 'Old Slugger'. It's a Pale Ale, and it's the first beer I think of when I think of the Cooperstown Brewing. The beer has an amber color, and a medium amount of carbonation. There's some spice in the flavor, and it has a very dry finish. I'd say it's more of an English-style pale ale.

The Cooperstown beers aren't my favorite, but they're not too bad. It's a good way to start the ballgame, and then switch to something involved in a drink special. I haven't tried the stout or porter flavors yet. I generally view those as more suitable to wintertime, but I'm willing to give them a try at any point. :)

I was jonesin' for some nachos at the game, but my buddy had enough to eat, so I went without. When I got home, my wife had some leftover nachos in the fridge from Moe's. Totally awesome!

Needless to say, no running occurred. Tonight.

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