Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moderate Hill Workout

Went out with my running buddy last night, and banged out a little over 3 miles. The first mile was a series of rolling & steep hills. None are particularly long, but the cumulative effect was felt.

The next mile and a half was all flat, so that was good.

The ending half mile was all uphill. What a way to end a run. Unfortunately, her place and my place tend to lead to runs which are uphill at the end. Blah. By the end of the run, I was spent. Worse than normal. Maybe it was all the Chinese food for lunch. hah!

Maybe it's just because I'm not a stellar runner. :)

I squeaked out Day 1, Week 6, Easy Column of the 100 pushup challenge. Ugh.

Also did 40 situps on my running buddy's situp bench.

A fairly productive workout day. Nothing stellar, but better than sitting on the couch.


Andrew said...

Probably Day 1, week 6, right?

raulgonemobile said...

Good catch... All updated. Danke