Monday, August 18, 2008

Semi long run Saturday

Saturday I went out running. My goal was to do 10 miles- 8 at a 10:30 pace and 2 at a 9:00 pace to end it. If any runner out there knows how to use the virtual partner function on a Garmin Forerunner for such a workout, I'd love to hear how. I farted around with my watch for a while, but gave up.

On Friday, I picked up a phone case for my phone.. One of these Body Glove cases. The purpose is twofold. One, so I have a music player with me. Two, so I have a phone in case I run into trouble far from home. The case itself is nice. The phone fits in there snugly. The armband, however... Not as nice. It's just cloth and velcro, and it chafed a bit. I'll have to smear some BodyGlide around underneath the band next time. It was also sort of tight. I put it on the last velcro stop, and it just fit. I know I've been doing pushups, but I don't have above average pipes yet.
My old armband for my iPod mini was all neoprene. Nice, smooth, fit well. (Too bad the LCD went on the mini. :( ).

I don't always use a music player. I haven't in a few months, really. But, I thought I might like to on Saturday. I turned on the mp3 player on my phone, and off I went. I threw some Moby on. Nice and relaxing, with an occasional song to get me pumped.

I did a 5.5 mile loop and swung back home to grab a drink. Literally, as I got home, the phone rang. Sigh. We were heading out shortly, so I had to call it a day. Oh well.

I was able to keep my pace between 10:20 and 10:30 for my run, which I thought was amazing. My legs felt wonderful afterward. Just like they had run, but not all achy and creaky and falling apart.

I also did Week 6, Day 2 of the pushup challenge. My hand has been hurting a bit, and I think I've attributed it to the 'Perfect Pushup' gear. I may revert to regular hands-on-floor pushups soon. I eeked out my sets over a long period of time, and am looking forward (uh huh) to day 3 this week.

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raulgonemobile said...

Oh, and yeah, I didn't make the 5K. I slept until 11. (Waking up every hour, but not interested enough to get out of bed)