Thursday, August 7, 2008

J-E-T-S.. Jets! Jets! Jets!

So, I flip on SportsCenter this morning, and what do you know... The Brett Farve saga is over.

I like Brett Farve. I think he's a great player. No, an outstanding player.

I hate the media circus that comes when a superstar is about to retire or unretire, etc. This 24x7 media coverage thing that the world has going isn't always a good thing.

I'm not a football general manager. I still don't understand Green Bay's position. Isn't the main goal of football to win it all? Win the Super Bowl? Isn't the GM supposed to put together the pieces to do that now? For the current year?

They had a proven QB star who wanted to play for them. Yet, they wanted to work on the 'future', with a basically unproven QB. I mean, what gives?

Yeah, it would suck to almost make the starting lineup, and then be sat back down. You're still getting paid, you're still learning behind a future hall of famer.

That being said, with him moving to a new team, I can think of no place I'd rather have him than the Jets. When the Jets were listed as a possible destination, I thought "don't tease me". And I figured we'd wind up not quite making it, per usual.

I have nothing against Chad Pennington, our old QB. He's just, well, average. I think his best year was probably 2002. He just doesn't have the arm to get it done. He can't throw long.

Brett sure as hell can. OK, so maybe we have a few more interceptions because of some risky pass that Brett threw. That cuts both ways, though. We'll probably have more scoring as a result. And, at least he can throw it there.

To be a starting QB in the NFL, you have to be good. There just aren't that many slots, and there are a lot of guys competing for those few slots. Pennington made it there. He can take hits that would knock me into next week. Hell, I can't always throw a spiral.

It's still the best thing for the club. Let's take the superstar, and see what happens. I'm really excited going into the season. Last time that happened was probably back in 1999 (of course, that season went up into flames during the first play of the second quarter).

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