Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gaming Wednesday

I did 3.1 miles with my running buddy last night. It was fairly flat, some little hills. My legs still felt a bit on the dead side. I think we averaged a 10:00/mile pace. Nothing too amazing, but we got our miles in.

It was a nice and cool night- good time to go for a run.

She's going away for the weekend, so I'm on my own to do my training. I'm hoping that Friday I'll do a long run. Maybe 8-10 miles. We'll see.

Tonight will be a rest night. Going to hit the baseball game tonight.

I was supposed to do my pushups last night, but I decided to give myself another day, as my muscles felt a little tense. In theory, this is it. It's the final test. I suspect it will just be a day of doing pushups, and I'll redo week 6, maybe on the "intermediate" column.
Of course, coming home from the game tonight will not be ideal conditions for doing pushups, either. So, it will be Friday.. :)

So, what else did I do? I played games last night! Woot!
I finished up 'Metal Gear Solid 4' for the PS3. My wife kept coming in and saying "What are you watching? It's so weird!" during the ending movie.
It was a fun game, but not my favorite. It came with my system, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

The only Metal Gear game I had played before was the original NES version. (I only played that for a little bit at someone's house, so I never really got into it). The MGS4 game has a lot of cinematic clips which continue the storyline(s) of the previous games. Playing this game is like watching a movie after it's been playing for a while. You can generally catch up, but there's still a lot that you don't get the significance of.

The graphics on this game are phenomenal- even on a standard def TV. Game play is good, as well. I didn't even come close to cracking the full potential of this game. Will I replay it? I don't know. I went through on the 'normal' difficulty. I could turn it down to 'easy' and see what else can be done. I have some other games to dig in to first, though.

Keep on rockin'!

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