Monday, August 4, 2008

Virtual Partner

So, Friday, I hooked up with my virtual partner.

Whoa... what did you think I was talking about?

No, no.. not that partner. My Garmin watch has a function which lets you run with/ahead/behind a virtual partner. You input the distance/pace/etc which you want to run, and your partner runs that pace to a T. Very impressive.

I figured that my watch has all of these functions, I should try using them out.

Since my legs were aching a bit on Friday, I decided to punch out an easy 4 miles, sitting at a 10:00/mile pace.

It was kind of neat, interacting with the watch.. Trying to speed up or slow down to keep it exactly right. In the end, I succeeded. My first mile was like 10:06, my second at 9:58, third at 9:56, and ended with 10:02. There was an extra quarter mile in there afterwards, because I couldn't remember the exact distance to my landmark/turnaround point.

I may have to start using that feature on my long runs. I didn't like slowing it down like that, but I think it was beneficial. I felt fine for the first 3 miles, but the 4th, I started slowing down. My legs had had enough for the week, I suppose.

I was adding up my mileage, and it was 16+ miles for the week. All of which were quality miles, too. (For me, there's no such thing as 'junk miles', though). When adding, I kept coming up with 20 for some strange reason. I finally got it to the correct number of 16. Basic skills sometimes elude me.

Friday, I skipped the next day of the pushup plan. I did do some pushups, though. I started out with 50 regular pushups (not using my 'perfect pushup') apparatuses. (Is it apparatuses? Must be, since the spell checker in Firefox didn't complain). I did some extras later on with the perfect pushup gear. Enough to feel it, but not to over tax me.

On Sunday, I completed Week 5, Day 1 of the 100 pushup plan. Barely. But I did. Good thing the directions indicate you can take longer time between sets if you need. That last set, I took a couple of hours. (Well, we did get a phone call and left the house right then..)

The next days appear to have more groups of pushups, with fewer numbers per group. The rest time goes down, so I think the goal is to start pulling the numbers in closer together, almost like doing 100 in a row would be.

I have more topics to blog about, but I'll throw those in different posts. It will give you all something to look forward to. (And, it will kill some more time)

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