Friday, August 1, 2008

Thursday pictures

Thursday was another trip to the ballpark... woot!

Warmed up with a bottle of this:

Cooperstown "Back Yard". It's a pleasant IPA, with decent hops. Nothing like that Hoptical Illusion, but not too shabby either. I did enjoy it, and would certainly get another.

Home team had an 8 run inning. I was curious what they would do with the scoreboard had the team hit 10 runs. Each inning only has one digit for runs, and it's an electronic scoreboard.. But, I'm just that kind of guy who would think about these things.

While there, I noticed this phenomenon..

What you see there are pretzels and such just laying on the ground. The disgusting part is that the kids who owned these items would just pick them up and eat them. Repeat. I guess I could understand if they had some paper towels or such underneath.

One of my friends at the game noticed this too.

I dunno.. maybe it's just me (and him, since he noticed too).

It was also fireworks night. Here's a picture:

After I got home, we tried a sampler of Van Gogh melon flavored vodka:

I really enjoy the Van Gogh vodkas. This was no exception. A very nice watermelon flavor. Not a 'Jolly Rancher' sort of watermelon, but real melon. The vodka was very nice and smooth, goes down without a problem. The Van Gogh page discusses mixing it with melon liqueur, grenadine, and OJ for a martini... I don't know about that. It would certainly work, and it would make a great 'top shelf' martini.. but, I think you'd lose some of the flavor of the vodka and couldn't appreciate it as much.

Van Gogh has a gin, as well, but I can't find it around here. Sigh.

That's all I have for pictures right now, and it's time for me to go get some more coffee..

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