Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a new week!

Excitement! A brand new week!

Yeah, ok.

I did finish Week 6, Day 3 (easy column) of the One Hundred Pushup Challenge. I guess the next set will be the ultimate test...
I think I'll switch to doing my pushups on the floor, rather than using the Perfect Pushup gear. My hand hurts pretty bad. Only one hand, though. Weird?

So, after a mentally exhausting day, my running buddy and I went out and went for a run. Started with a mile of hill work. Between the humidity and the hills, that sapped a bit out of us. We were running by the local ice cream store and saw my wife and a friend in the lobby. We stopped and said "hi". (I'm sure everyone loves sweaty and stinky folks coming in)

After a brief chat, we continued on our way. We stuck with a flat route for the remainder, and ran through a nearby park. This park had a set of horseshoe pits, and it looked like a league was going. I didn't know that was there.. pretty cool.
I love seeing new things while running.

After looping back, it was a total of 3.5 miles.. A bit longer than she and I usually do together. I enjoyed it though.

She also got me a present! Woot! She got me a Road ID. Totally awesome. This way, if I get hit by a car, the digits to call my wife are all right there.

I do carry my personal info on a piece of paper in a ziploc bag inside of my Shoe Wallet. It has my personal info as well as blood type, medications, & allergen info on it. However, I could see it easily getting overlooked in a situation. So, this is pretty cool.

Tonight is supposed to be a nice night. I'm not sure what's going on. My running buddy got a new laptop, so I may be helping her set that up and transferring her files and whatnot.. It's also the last week for baseball here in town, so I may go there. Plus, I want to go running.. blahhh. Work gets in the way of things, you know?

Keep on rockin'!

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