Monday, August 4, 2008


So, one of my favorite drinks is a gin and tonic. Classic. Gotta love it. (OK, so none of my friends love it. But I do.)

In one of my posts, I'll describe my quest for the perfect gin, and where it's taken me.

Right now, though, I'll discuss one in particular:

Hendrick's Gin. It's a gin that has hints of rose and cucumbers infused into it. Yes, you read that right. Cucumber.
The traditional juniper (aka 'pine tree') smell with this gin is present, but not overwhelming like it is in some gins. I don't mind that smell, but a lot of folks do.

So, it was Saturday night. I think it was Saturday. Maybe Friday. Doesn't matter for this discussion, though. My wife and I were eating at home, and I whipped up a G&T, made with this Hendrick's gin. I threw in a lime, per usual. Downed it, and enjoyed it.

We were in the process of eating dinner in front of the TV, and I went up for a refill on salad and my beverage. While there, I realized.. hey.. we have cucumbers. And they're sliced.

I'd always heard that you should try making a G&T with Hendrick's and a cucumber, instead of the lime. So, I cleaned out my glass, and proceeded to do so.

I must say, it was interesting. The cucumbers loose in the gin did enhance the taste of the cucumbers in the gin. (And, they tasted delicious after sitting in the gin for a bit, too. :) ).

It was worth trying, and I'd certainly try it again. Not a requirement, though. Hendrick's is versatile enough to handle limes or cucumbers in the tonic...

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