Friday, August 15, 2008

Billy Wagner

So, Thursday was to be either a rest day or a cross-training day. After the track workout on Wednesday, I figured I should either bike or relax.

One of my friends here at work asked if I was going to the baseball game. It was about that point where the scale began tipping towards a rest day.

Turns out that Billy Wagner, the injured Mets closer was doing a rehab start. OK.. I'm game.

We went down to the game early and grabbed a bite to eat. Unfortunately, there were no Cooperstown beers to be had. That was sad. No beer report for you today. :(

The stadium announcer indicated that Billy would not be starting the game as previously thought. (boo!) Instead, he would come in as a reliever and pitch for either an inning or 20 pitches, whichever came first (yeah!).

So, Billy came in for relief and threw a perfect inning. Here's a pic:

He looked good.. It was fun, and good to see a major league guy.

It was also fireworks night. Here's a picture

That's all for now!

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