Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doctor Who

I recently cleaned up my DVR, and finished up the season of Doctor Who in the process.

It's been a while, so hopefully anyone who cares has already watched the season in it's entirety.
If not, some spoilers may exist below... I warned you..

My thought on the season & series. You could really tell that in this finale, the goal was to tie everything together. I do my best not to hit spoilers on the Internet, so I don't know what is coming.

I don't watch Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Adventures. (Mainly because I just don't want another TV show). I've been a big Doctor Who fan for a very long time.

So... the finale. Well, I knew something was going to happen with Donna.. all of the Doctor-Donna references that had been made during the season. I was glad they didn't kill her off. That would have been unnecessary.

I was truly impressed with the writing, and how stuff over the past few seasons all tied in together. Little clues that you saw a couple of years ago suddenly appeared in a flashback, and everything was linked.

I'm not one for the whole soap opera thing going on between Rose & The Doctor. Blah. My wife was happy that they wound up together, after a fashion.

I think most of the plot lines of the past few years were tied up. The only one I can think of right off that wasn't is that whole "Doctor's Daughter" thing, which I'm not a fan of anyways.

Plus, K-9 had an appearance in the finale! Any episode with him is just awesome.

Looking to the future, it appears there's going to be 4 or 5 mini specials in 2009, as David Tennant has other acting obligations right now. The current writer, Russell T. Davies, is also ending his run, phasing out his writing over the 2009 "season".


The thing about Doctor Who is that with the regeneration of The Doctor, the show can go on and on (although, the regeneration limit of 12 times seems to have been dropped, as no one remarks on that any more). I remember how crushed I was when Tom Baker's run came to an end. I grew to like Peter Davidson after some time.. That has happened with each regeneration. Each Doctor has their own personality and gift they take to the role. Maybe David Tennant will stay on.. we'll see.

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